Occassionally I also work on journalistic projects for the press.


G20 Protest Demonstration London

This demonstration took place in front of the Bank of England on April 1st 2009, ahead of the G20 summit,
regarding the financial crisis. It was a 'Financial Fools Day'.

'Groups who took part ( Put People First, Climate Camp, Stop the War Coalition, TUC ..) were calling for the G20 ministers
to own up to their mistakes and admit that their global dominance – the dominance of finance capitalism – is the
problem, not the solution to the current economic, ecological and political meltdown.'
During this demonstration, the tactics of Kettling caused many problems.

I also created a slideshow with an integrated 360 degree panorama...

(It contains a few images, which might be a 'little bit' difficult for some people)


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