Digital Retouching

I am providing the service to retouch / manipulate and also the cutouts / clippingpath for all the images I produced for you
and have now more than 10 year experience in digital photo retouching.

What is digital photo retouching, manipulating?

After taking images with a digital camera, you often need to clean up all the dust on your images, which always
accumulates on your digital censor within your camera if you use professional cameras and keep changing your lenses.


Then its time to correct the contrast, aberation, distortion, vignetting, perspective, color temperatures, colors and
brightness of all your images and parts of the images, so they all match within your website or publication.


Then you can choose to manipulate each image, by manipulating certain areas,
or adding text in layers or compose several images or parts of images together, or create a clipping path / cutout.

Clipping Path
A clipping path isolates a photographed object from its background.
Using a clipping path is useful when a packshot is to be placed on a different colour background. or on top of another image.
Panorama Stitching
When it comes to panoramic or 360 panoramic images, several images have to be digitally stiched
together (sometime with HDR stitching) into one image and afterwards it needs all the previously mentioned adjustments.

Cost and time involved

First of all you need a powerfull laptop (about £ 1500) to shoot on location.
Secondly another powerfull computer (about £ 2000) to do all the retouching, able to cope with todays large digital image files.
Then a color calibrated monitor and the calibration software (abou t £ 2000).

Then you need Adobe Photoshop (from £700).
In order to create panoramas, you also need more computer programs (min £ 500).

The amount of time you spend on retouching depends on your project.
For a normal day photography of single food images, I spend on average around 1/2 day retouching.