Professional Photographic Studios

I use various studios around London and also work from my studio space at home, depending on the scale
and requirements and location of the production. I also work a lot on locations like restaurants, hotels and venues.

Using some space at home or in on locations can be money saving.
But for professional food or advertising photography you need use a proper studio.

Depending on the requirement for the job, it could be a daylight studio or a dark studio without any daylight.
It's got to be quite a big space with high ceilings in order to be able to set up large backgrouds and ceiling lights.

A proper kitchen is essential for food photography.

In a photographic studio you have more professional equipment than you can take on location:
Light stands, light stand arms, flash heads, power packs, booms, bounce cards, mirrors, tripods, reflectors, computers, cameras,
camera stands, light boxes, filters, grey cards, shooting surfaces, large rolls of paper backgrounds, props and dishes....

Hire fees for professional photographic studios in London are now
between £ 150 - 250 per 8 hour day plus overtime and sometimes other expences, depending on the size.

Here is one of the studios which is perfect for food photgraphy,
since it has great lighting conditions for the current daylight trend in editorial food photography and also great kitchen.
It is close to Old street and Barbican with a large Waitrose just round the corner.