e Menu / Electric Menu / Touch Screen Menu / Digital Menu / iPad Menu - Photography

Now more restaurants are changing the way customers can order their food by introducing the eMenu (Touch Menu).
Customers order their food via table built-in computers or on tablet computers (or iPad Menu),
viewing the menu before they order (the system also provides customer entertainment).

Therefore high quality images of the food and drinks menu are required. My services include the full food menu photography (starters, main courses, desserts, side dishes etc), the drinks, bottles and cocktails, plus the digital post production (retouching of all images, composing several images together to fit the format required for the software/display).
I have already produced E menus for several restaurants, including Planet Hollywood, another in the O2 and some others. I also create
food images for the traditional printed menu as plain shots or atmospheric images (props and backgrounds may be required).

Here is an example of an eMenu, which I photographed for a busy restaurant in North London:

And here more pages with samples of my eMenu photography:

Planet Hollywood    Fine Burger Co    Don Fernadez